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PCM is the original manufacturer of Progressive Cavity Pumps. Founded by Rene Moineau, who in 1930 published a pioneering dissertation that paved the way for the progressive cavity pumps. Today, PCM continues to create and innovate new products and services to meet a wide variety of market needs and applications.
The Technology In a progressive cavity pump a rotor turns inside a stator, producing a steady flow based on drive speed. PCP’s are ideal for pumping viscous, particulate, abrasive, and fragile products. They are equally suited to applications that require an artificial lift, such as oil filed applications. Changing the geometry or shape of the rotor governs the pumps output. PCP’s can be designed to deliver a precise and continuous flow of even the most difficult materials.

HYCARETM – The most hygienic Progressive Cavity Pump on the market

PCM HyCare™ is the world's gentlest, most hygienic food grade pump. It's been especially designed for food applications, featuring a patented body design developed using advanced computational fluid dynamics. This progressing cavity pump will treat your ingredients, food safety requirements and budget with the care and respect they deserve.
The HycareTM pump has been designed to meet the strictest food hygiene standards. The HycareTM complies with the FDA (USA), CE 1935/2004 (Europe), EHEDG (Europe) and 3A (USA) regulations, making it the reference for the sanitary industry. With 22 Models and abilities, HycareTM pump technology offers unbeatable hygiene and food safety. Designed to be cleaned in place with a one piece Duraflex flexible shaft and a hygienic mechanical seal. Its Duraflex flexible shaft means it's the shortest food grade pump available, ensuring loss at the end of the production process is kept to an absolute minimum.

DOSYFRUITTM – Fully Automatic Multi-Ingredients Station

DOSYFRUITTM was designed to offer an original fruit injection system for use in the food industry. Dosyfruit™ systems are intended for the injection of fruit into fresh dairy products, to replace wasteful dosing with highly accurate and efficient inline injection, by adding the right amount of ingredients at the last possible point in the production process. This method of fruit injection ensures that all ingredients are measured accurately, for products that are of the highest quality, and that less will be lost during changeovers, purging and cleaning. It also enables manufacturers to increase product lines, volumes produced and profitability.
All benefits of our Dosyfruit™ stations are provided in total respect of the most stringent hygienic rules, allowing very efficient and productive Cleaning and Sterilization In Place (CIP / SIP) of the entire installation.

PCM’s HOPPER STATION – Semi-Auto Mono-Ingredient Station w/ Clean in Place

PCM’s Hopper Station is ideal for fruit injection users and small production facilities. The station was designed for accurate dosing of valuable concentrated flavor. Equipped with integrated preloading tanks, product end detection probes, and PCM’s very accurate and reliable DosysTM Pumps, the PCM Hopper Station is specially designed to support the production of food preparations requiring accurate dosage under hygienic constraints possibly asking for complete Cleaning and Sterilization In Place (CIP / SIP).

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