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C Series Centrifugal Pumps

For customers whose needs fall into the lower pressure ranges, MTH is proud to offer two lines of small centrifugal pump products to complement our higher pressure regenerative turbines. Towards this end MTH has developed the high quality, low cost 4”, 5”, and 6” C Series, semi-open impeller, all stainless steel centrifugals for the OEM market. These units are cost competitive against stamped stainless steel centrifugals, but with a heavy duty cast impeller and casing design. Each pump model is pre-trimmed and selected to provide the best pressure and capacity for a given impeller and motor horsepower combination (up to 3HP and 100GPM). Casing adjustment screws on the C Series take advantage of the semi-open impeller design by providing the capability to occasionally renew pump performance by tightening internal clearances and minimizing losses developed from normal wear. These units also make use of our custom manufactured D3 dual face motors found on our T31, E41, and E51 turbine pumps, and feature a stainless steel shaft and a heavy duty front motor bearing. D3 Motors also feature UL and CE approvals. The C Series standard construction is investment cast 316 SS casings and impellers with Viton elastomers. Options - Contact Pumping Solutions to learn more about what options are available. 

The C Series and D Series centrifugals both offer a variety of seal and elastomer options. The D Series also offers a wide variety of optional motors, as well as self-priming, vertical flange mount, and high-temperature seal cooling jacketed variants. For highly customized sealless centrifugal solutions for chemical process, refrigeration, and hot oil applications, please go to our complete line of H Series sealless canned centrifugals.
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