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Walchem Pumps and Kits

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Industrial Pumps, Controllers & Repair Kits

Walchem is a leading manufacturer of metering pumps, remote data communications technologies and analytical instruments for water treatment applications. Pumping Solutions is one of the few authorized Walchem master distributors in the U.S. We stock a full line of E Series Walchem Metering Pumps, including the EZ, EWN, EHE, and EJ models. Our inventory also includes W100, W600 and W900 Series controllers, and pump repair kits for minor repairs and routine maintenance. Walchem electronic metering pumps and controllers feature rugged designs and innovative technology for most industrial and commercial applications.
Learn more about our Walchem pump, pump controller and repair kit offering below or Contact Us for more information.

High-Speed Chemical Metering Pumps Delivering Repeatable Accuracy

Walchem E Series metering pumps have a rugged design to handle the demands of almost any water treatment application. These metering pumps offer high-speed performance at 360 strokes per minute to prevent issues like slug feeding and poor feed control that slow your operation down.

Features of Walchem Pumps

  • High-resolution chemical feed and high turndown capacity
  • Advanced microprocessor-based electronics for precise chemical injection.
  • Robust design with IP65 equivalent housing protection
  • Universal voltage

Walchem Controllers

Walchem controllers feature cloud-base water treatment management software that provides controllers with internet access and lets facility operators view and manage metering pumps and controllers from virtually anywhere. Simple to set up and use, Walchem Fluent™ incorporates IoT, Process Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, and Data Visualization for added versatility in water treatment processes.

They feature data logging to give you convenient, real-time access to historical data to quickly identify inefficiencies and resolve issues. View your reports online and provide comprehensive reports to city or county officials for adherence to wastewater management regulations. 

Walchem W100 and W600 Series Controller Features

  • Remote operation via LAN, the internet, or Modbus/TCP
  • Easy to install, wall mount package
  • Large touchscreen display for easy set up
  • Flexible, icon-based programming
  • WiFi, BACnet, graph reports
  • Multiple language support
  • Universal sensor inputs

Controllers Available with Pumping Solutions

Our offering includes the Walchem 100 Series 600 and 900 Series Controllers. The 100 Series features a single input and up to 4 outputs, depending on the model you choose. For those wanting more versatility, we offer the Walchem W600 Controller. This series features 6 control outputs and 4 inputs, enabling use in more applications than other models. Each relay function provides complete flexibility and reliable control of your water treatment system.

Walchem Repair Kits & Accessories

We stock Walchem Repair Kits for all the pump models we stock. We offer highly competitive pricing on Walchem repair kits. Repair kits and accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers to enable our customers to provide a complete system solution. These kits contain all the essential parts for on-site maintenance and parts replacement.

Contact Us for Industrial Walchem Pumps & Controllers

We carry an extensive inventory of industrial metering pumps from Walchem and other top-rated manufacturers. Using our extensive industry and pumping knowledge, we’ll help you find the best solution for your application. Find your water treatment solution online or contact our team to discuss your industrial pumping system requirements.

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