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The mission of MTH Pumps is to design, develop, and produce pumping products to fit applications in which they are technically correct solutions that also address the peripheral needs of the customer. To this end, the company has endeavored to become highly vertically integrated to maximize the flexibility and agility of the company to meet product and customer needs. To facilitate the engineering centered nature of the company, MTH has acquired a number of resources needed to bring it to the leading edge of engineered product design and development. MTH utilizes highly experienced design engineers, solid modeling CAD software, rapid prototyping equipment, its own pattern and mold making shop, its own foundry and fabrication shop, state of the art auto-loading CNC machining equipment, and a wealth of inspection and testing equipment to rapidly design and develop the right solution for the job. In many cases, the design of custom pumps and accessories has netted a significant cost savings to the customer over the use of standard off the shelf products. Whether the customer is looking for a slight modification to one of our standard products, a completely new pump design, or a different kind of product, MTH has the broad range of resources required to complete the task.

Custom OEM Sealless Products

In the area of pump design, MTH has entered into the sealless pump market with sealless canned versions of many of our standard products such as the SM50, SL50, ST31, ST41, ST51, SP31, and more are coming. The H Series sealless canned centrifugals are a substantial line of products that encompass flows in excess of 2100 GPM, heads in excess of 410 feet, temperatures from -95°F to 662°F (350°C), and features variants to handle corrosive chemicals, slurries, refrigerants, hot oils, and any number of other fluid applications requiring heating or cooling jackets. Other custom OEM sealless products utilize extended shaft vertical immersible or controlled leakage designs. We have also developed products for special centrifugal designs, DC applications in both sealless and sealed versions, disk friction centrifugals, axial flow turbines for aerial firefighting, and submersible craft trim and drain pumps. Other engineered products and accessories include the X41 Series of sealless canned chiller pumps, seal quench glands to extend seal life in difficult applications, special valves and suction strainers, mounting brackets, stainless steel tanks and systems, and custom piping trees and manifolds. For MTH customers, our advice is always: “if you don’t see it, please ask.”

While MTH Pumps’ primary talents lie in engineering design, our efforts to meet and exceed customer specifications and satisfaction extend beyond the engineering and manufacturing arena. Special sourcing arrangements, construction materials, custom assembly, packaging, labeling, and testing services, quality surveillance, inventory stocking arrangements, and JIT shipping schedules are all a part of the solution that our existing customers have found in a valuable product partner that is MTH.

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