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Self-Priming Pumps

Pumping Solutions Inc. offers self-priming pumps in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any industry or application. We stock high quality, high performance products from AMT, Gorman Rupp, and Sethco, some of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-priming pumps.

Every self-priming pump we offer is built to last and manufactured with bronze, stainless steel, or high strength polypropylene housings and Viton, Teflon, or Kynar elastomer seals. Three port sizes are available —1”, 1.25”, 1.50”— to meet your flow requirements.

Whether you’re moving corrosive chemicals, waste water, agricultural fertilizers, or any other non-flammable liquid, we have the right self-priming pump for your application. If you’re not sure which pump is right for your needs, feel free to contact us. Our expert customer service team will help you select the ideal pump for your operation.

Order your self-priming pumps today, request a quote, or contact Pumping Solutions to learn more.


Gorman Rupp Self-Priming Pumps

Gorman Rupp has been manufacturing high performance self-priming pumps since 1933. Their pumps are engineered for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps are designed for dirty water, limited solids, and clear liquid applications.

These close coupled, electric pumps are available in stainless steel or bronze construction, with Viton elastomer seals and O-rings. Various sizes and power levels are available to handle a wide range of pumping challenges.

See individual product listings for full specifications.

AMT Self-Priming Pumps

AMT, a subsidiary of Gorman Rupp, has been providing top quality industrial self-priming pumps for over 70 years. AMT uses patented technology and unique designs to deliver superior performance and reliability. Their products are durable, cost effective, and low maintenance solutions to a wide range of pumping challenges.

AMT’s 1” self-priming pumps are made from investment-cast stainless steel and designed to handle various liquids and chemicals with specific gravities up to 1.6. Recommended for use with most non-flammable liquids that are compatible with pump component materials.

1.5” self-priming pumps from AMT feature stainless steel or bronze construction. Engineered for a wide range of applications, such as chemical processing, waste water treatment, and pumping agricultural fertilizers and fumigants. All models in this category are equipped with TEFC motors (Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled) for reliable, long-term operation. Designed to move most fluids with viscosities up to 100 SSU; select models can handle specific gravities to 1.3. Recommended for use with most non-flammable liquids that are compatible with pump component materials.

See individual product listings for full specifications.

AMT Self-Priming Pump Features

  • Self-priming to 6 feet
  • Stainless steel models include Teflon or Viton mechanical seals and O-rings
  • Bronze models feature Viton mechanical seals and O-rings
  • 1/3 to 2 HP motors (varies by model)
  • 1” or 1-1/2” NPT suction and discharge ports
  • ODP & TEFC single- and three-phase motors
  • Self-cleaning, semi-open impellers
  • Maximum working pressure: 75 PSI
  • Maximum working temperature: 200°F/93°C (bronze) or 250°F/121°C (stainless steel)
  • Maximum flow: 132 GPM (500 LPM)
  • Maximum head: 68 feet

Sethco Self-Priming Pumps

Sethco designs their magnetic drive, self-priming pumps to meet the demands of numerous applications. These devices are equally effective pumping corrosive chemicals, acids, solvents, or almost any non-flammable fluid. Thanks to a simple, efficient design, Sethco self-priming pumps provide reliable and trouble free performance with minimal maintenance.

Built with high strength, one-piece polypropylene casings and Kynar (PVDF) seals, these pumps utilize two-piece impellers for high volume circulation and leak-proof operation.

See product listing for full specifications.

Sethco Self-Priming Pump Features

  • Self-priming magnetic drive
  • Close-coupled configuration
  • Removable, integral suction basket strainer
  • Two-piece impeller and inner magnet assembly
  • Stationary, self-aligning, replaceable ceramic shaft
  • Zero emissions
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Maximum working temperature: 210°F/99°C Maximum flow: 230 GPM (870 LPM)
  • Maximum head: 93 feet
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