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Installation Kits

Unleash peak AODD pump performance and extend your pump's life.

Pumping Solutions' Installation Kits are an all-in-one solution to easily set up your AODD pump to an air source. These are filter regulators that we have kitted up with fittings and ball valves ready to install. The ball valve is there to open and close your air line, and the filter regulator is there to pull any moisture out of the air line that may have accumulated out. Moisture and dirty air are the enemies of AODD pumps! Avoid costly repairs or replacemnt parts by protecting the pump's internal components. All fittings & connecting pipes are included and tailored to your pump's specific inlet size (available from 1/8" to 3/4").

Save time, money and maximize the lifespan of your pump.
Bundle an AODD Installation Kit with your next pump purchase!
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Not all items are stocked in a local warehouse and may ship directly from the factory.

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