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Submersible Sump Pumps, Utility Pumps, and Float Switches

A submersible pump is designed to be fully immersed in the fluid it processes. They are one ideal for draining standing water from any area. Pumping Solutions is proud to offer a full line of submersible pumps from leading manufacturers such as Gorman Rupp and Goulds Water Technology in various sizes and capacities based on your specific application.

Please browse our complete submersible pump offering below to find the right pump for your application. If you’re unsure which submersible pump is suitable for your needs, feel free to contact us, and our experienced customer service team will work with you to select the best model for your application.

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Advantages of Submersible Pumps

Pumping Solutions’ submersible pump advantages include superior craftsmanship, innovative technology, and top-quality materials construction for continuous operation in the most demanding applications. Our select series of Gorman Rupp and Goulds Water Technology submersible pumps are designed for pumping water and flooding out of basements or enclosed spaces to prevent further damage to industrial and commercial areas.

Goulds Submersible Sump Pumps Benefits

While each specific submersible sump pump model has its unique features, general benefits of submersible sump pumps include:
  • Corrosion and thermal-resistant
  • Double mechanical seals/lip seal protection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-efficiency motors
The compact design of submersible sump pumps and smaller utility pumps makes them ideal for pumping large volumes of water and liquid from flooded or hard-to-reach areas such as basements, window wells, and additional deep well applications. Industrial applications for submersible sump pumps are more specific based on the aligning industry, but submersible sump pumps are generally used in OEM applications, tank draining, industrial washing/cleaning systems, and more.

Utility Pumps Benefits

Submersible utility pumps have a wide range of benefits and are highly compact and portable. The corrosion-resistant design of our utility pumps holds up to standard utility pumping requirements. These are ideal for pumping water from ponds, spas, pools, flooded basements, and more. Other domestic uses include pumping water from fish tanks, draining water heaters, washing machines, utility sinks, boats, and any enclosed space requiring effective water transfer.

Submersible Pumps with Float Switches Features

Pumping Solutions offers slim, lightweight submersible pumps with float switches for convenient liquid transfer. Our submersible pumps with float switches allow for pumps to be automatically turned off based on the applied setting. Because float switch pumps can be adjusted for various liquid levels, float switch pumps can be used for industrial and commercial applications, including flooding, sewage and wastewater applications, transferring potable water and rainwater, and additional applications.

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