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Pumping Solutions offers the full range of Wilden Saniflo hygienic/sanitary pumps and two different high performance sanitary pumps from Flux to meet varying pumping needs of our customers. If you’re not certain which pump is right for your application, our knowledgeable customer service team can help you find the best hygienic or sanitary pump for your unique needs. Order online today, or contact Pumping Solutions for more information on Wilden Saniflo sanitary and hygienic pumps

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Wilden Sanitary Pumps

Designed to prevent microbial contamination, Saniflo pumps are the cleanest fluid transfer solutions on the market. Wilden’s proven sanitary pumps perfectly suited for applications where the highest degree of hygienic product transfer is required.

These durable, pneumatically powered diaphragm pumps ensure superior performance and containment, and the prevention of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and food products. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum, with FDA-compliant, food grade Saniflex™ elastomers. Available in five sizes between 1/2" and 3”, the Saniflo family is Wilden’s premier line of sanitary/hygienic pumps.

Flux Sanitary Pumps

Pumping Solutions offers two different high performance sanitary pumps from Flux. These advanced hygienic pumps are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industry applications. All models are specially designed for fast disassembly for cleaning and sterilization.

With sturdy stainless steel construction and high speed three-phase or pneumatic motors, Flux sanitary pumps are built for use with low to high viscosity products, as well as high viscosity, pasty, but still free flowing, products.

Features of Saniflo Sanitary Pumps

  • Polished 316L stainless steel wetted components
  • Nickel-plated aluminum non-wetted housings
  • FDA-compliant Saniflex™ elastomers for outstanding abrasion resistance, flex life & durability
  • Ideal for sanitary & hygienic applications and delicate/shear sensitive product handling
  • Union and bolted liquid paths
  • Offset valve housing for easy alignment
  • Superior product containment
  • Lube-free operation
  • Pro-Flo SHIFT™ air distribution system (see below)
  • Tri-Clamp®, DIN, or SMS connections available (please specify when ordering)
  • Maximum flow rate: 229 gpm (869 lpm)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
  • Standard EN10204/3.1 material certifications
  • EHEDG certified to doc. 2 and doc. 8
  • 3A certified to standard 44-03
  • ATEX-compliant
  • CIP (clean in place) & SIP (steam/sterilize in place)

Pro-Flo SHIFT™ Air Distribution System

Pro-Flo SHIFT™ is Wilden’s latest innovation in AODD pump technology. The Pro Flo SHIFT™ air distribution system (ADS) helps reduce downtime and improve overall pump efficiency. Increasing sustainability, the Pro-Flo SHIFT™ is perfect for companies concerned with reducing air consumption as well as their carbon footprint.

Wilden’s pumping expertise makes Pro-Flo SHIFT™ technology simple to use. Fewer operating parts allow for simplified maintenance and less downtime. The Pro-Flo SHIFT™ achieves up to 60% savings in air consumption and costs 50% less than electronically actuated ADS. This allows the user to increase energy efficiency and overall performance while lowering operational costs.

About Wilden

A worldwide leader in bio-pharmaceutical and hygienic pump technology, Wilden offers a wide range of solutions for food, beverage, personal care, and biopharmaceutical applications. Wilden engineers their pumps to meet the highest standards and requirements of these industries.

Wilden’s hygienic and sanitary pumps are popular all across the world. They provide exceptional versatility, superior safety, and high efficiency performance to pump a broad spectrum of liquids, fluids, solids, and shear sensitive products.

Features of Flux Type F 560 S Pumps

  • Eccentric worm-drive pump with stainless steel bearing flange allows these pumps to be stripped for cleaning and/or sterilization with minimal effort
  • Mechanical seal
  • 50 mm or 54 mm outer pump tube diameter
  • Stator housing with safety bar protects containers and allows transfer out of plastic in-liners
  • Type F 560 SX.-50/21 for use in Zone 0; tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC, EC-Type Examination Certificate No. PTB 99 ATEX 4052 X
  • 3A version also available

Features of Flux Type F 560 GS Pumps

  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle eccentric worm-drive pump with planetary gear
  • Mechanical seal
  • Can be stripped for cleaning and/or sterilization with minimal effort
  • Low weight pump and motor unit
  • 50 mm or 54 mm outer pump tube diameter
  • Stator housing with safety bar protects containers and allows transfer out of plastic in-liners
  • Type F 560 GSX.-50/21 for use in Zone 0; tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC, EC-Type-Examination Certificate No. PTB 99 ATEX 4052 X
  • 3A version also available

About Flux

A household name in the barrel and drum pump industry, Flux is well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality, high performance drum pumps for transferring, emptying, circulating, mixing, and dosing. Serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry, each sanitary pump can be stripped down in no time for cleaning and/or sterilization.

Available with 3A certification, these high powered electric and air-driven motors allow Flux pumps to drain containers of 99.98% of their fluid contents quickly and efficiently.

Blacoh CIP-able Surge Suppressor

The clean alternative for pulsation dampening. Specifically designed for hygienic applications requiring clean-in-place components, the SENTRY CIP pulsation dampener with inline flow-through design and unique patent pending tube bladder eliminates problems with product holdup and trapped particles. Ideally suited for handling slurries and viscous fluids, it’s gentle enough for the most delicate products.

  • Polished 316L stainless steel for sanitary applications
  • Inline, flow-through design eliminates product holdup
  • Self-draining single body construction for easy clean-in-place
  • Internal molded ribs prevent bladder collapse under pressure, replacing other designs with perforated tubes that collect and trap particles
  • Molded ends connect directly to pipe and seal with Tri-Clamp fasteners without separate gaskets
  • Made in the USA
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