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Since 1950, Master Pneumatic has been providing high quality, high performance filter regulators and other quality products to manufacturers and distributors in a wide range of applications. Master Pneumatic filter regulators are known far and wide for their exceptional reliability and durability. Pumping Solutions Inc. offers Master Pneumatic filter regulators in a range of sizes and capacities to meet your specific requirements. We carry Master Pneumatic products with 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2", and 3/4" ports and NPT threads to fit most standard size systems. These filter regulators are available with flow rates from 20 to 140 SCFM. If you’re not sure which Master Pneumatic product is right for your needs, feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable customer service team will work with you to find the perfect filter regulator for your system. 

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Integral Filter Regulators

By integrating a general purpose filter and a pressure regulator into a single module, Master Pneumatic has created a compact device that is ideal for applications with limited space.

All Master Pneumatic filter regulators feature a pressure gauge and internal automatic filter drain. These self-relieving units include front and rear gauge ports. Filter regulators can easily be connected to lubricators, if needed, using specialty modular connectors that provide a secure seal between device faces. Inline mounting is also possible, using pipe nipples.

The top section of the assembly is the pressure regulator, while the bottom section is the filter. Master Pneumatic filter regulators of all sizes provide the same operating characteristics as corresponding, comparably-sized, individual filter and regulator devices.

Master Pneumatic’s Guardsman filter regulators are manufactured from polycarbonate plastic, with zinc die-cast shatterguards. These units are self-relieving, with piston regulators. Our inventory includes two Gardsman models (CFDR 60-2 and CFDR 60-4).

Miniature filter regulators are manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant plastic. Available with either piston or diaphragm-type regulators. Non-modular. Pumping Solutions offers Master Pneumatic model CFDR 55-2 miniature filter regulators.

Vanguard filter regulators from Master Pneumatic are manufactured from polycarbonate plastic, with steel shatterguards. These are self-relieving devices, with diaphragm-type regulators. Pressure adjustment locking keys are included, to prevent tampering. We offer model CFDR 100-6 Vanguard filter regulators.

Filter Regulators with Built-In Lubricators

These compact integral filter regulators, paired with lubricators, provide complete FRL assemblies that lose no performance compared to similar individual components. Designed to fit in tight spaces, Master Pneumatic filter regulator lubricators include internal automatic filter drains and built-in pressure gauges.

These units can be mounted modularly and/or inline (varies by model). Adjustable outlet pressure (maximum PSI varies by model). Zinc, polycarbonate, and aluminum body construction; clear nylon site domes. Nitrile seals.

Pumping Solutions offers model CFRL 10-2, CFRL 68D-3, CFRL 68D-4, and CFRL 108D-6 filter regulator lubricators.

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