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Neptune Pumps

Neptune Chemical Pump Company is a premier manufacturer of metering pumps, mixing pumps, and related equipment. They’ve been designing and building high quality, high performance pumps for over 50 years. Neptune pumps are effective in a wide range of applications, from plain water and waste water to highly corrosive acids and flammable liquids.

Pumping Solutions carries Neptune metering pumps and mixing pumps in various configurations and capacities to meet your unique requirements. Our expert customer service team can help you find the model that delivers the right performance for your needs. Order online today, send us a Request for Quote or contact Pumping Solutions for more information.

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Neptune Metering & Mixing Pumps

Built with corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel or cast aluminum housings and durable Teflon elastomers, Neptune pumps are designed with reliability in mind. Electric motors, available in a variety of sizes up to 3/4 HP, deliver powerful pumping performance to help you move nearly any liquid media. Neptune pumps are manufactured from top quality materials and include numerous innovative features that provide exceptional performance in any application.

Features of Neptune Series JG Mixing Pumps

  • No clutches to slip, wear, or replace
  • 316 stainless steel propellers and shafts
  • Square pitch 1.0 ratio marine propellers deliver flow coefficients equal to the best hydrofoil impeller designs at the same power consumption levels
  • Vibration absorbing pads reduce wear and extend working life
  • Grease filled gearboxes eliminate oil seal and potential for oil contamination
  • Permanently lubricated shaft bearings
  • Cast aluminum housings
  • Mounting clamps feature adjustable angle of entry to achieve various process results

Features of Neptune 500 Series Metering Pumps

  • Simplex pumps
  • Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment (see below for more)
  • Compatible with fluids with viscosities up to 1,500 cPs
  • Double ball-check design
  • To reduce wear, stroke mechanism moves only when adjusted
  • Piston powered through full stroke length at all capacities, to eliminate stress, wear, and shock
  • EZE-CLEAN™ valve cartridges can be removed for cleaning without disassembling pump piping
  • 10-turn micrometer dial calibrated to 1% increments
  • Clear PVC covering protects high-visibility dial against corrosion
  • Built-in internal relief valves
  • Hydraulically balanced Teflon diaphragms extend working life
  • Stainless steel housing construction
  • Up to 18 GPH (68 LPH) capacity at 100 psi

Neptune Pumps Variable Oil By-pass™

The unique Variable Oil By-pass feature on Neptune pumps provides better valve performance than variable linkage designs. Because they are idle during the bypass portion of suction and discharge strokes, valve checks have extra time to seat—even in heavy liquids.

Hollow pistons with reduced-diameter “noses” reciprocate in their cylinders. Metering rods fit into the pistons. As the pistons move forward, ports are blocked by the tips of the metering rods, which stops the bypass. Oil is pushed through the ports and into the pumps’ diaphragms.

Adjusting the micrometer dial will move the metering rod and raise or lower pump capacity. With the metering rod moved in, its tip closes the port sooner, allowing for less bypass and more pumping action. Conversely, with the metering rod moved out, its tip closes the port later in the stroke for more bypass and less pumping.

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