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Industrial Mixers

Pumping Solutions stocks Neptune’s Series JG pump mixers in 1/2 HP, 1/3 HP, and 3/4 HP models to meet the varying mixing needs of our customers. With high efficiency 115v electric motors and sturdy stainless steel propellers and shafts, these gear drive mixers for pumps will provide reliable performance in even your toughest mixing applications.

If you’re not sure which pump mixer your liquid/fluid control system needs, our expert customer service team will work with you to determine which JG Series model is best for your requirements. Order online today, or contact Pumping Solutions for more information on Neptune mixers for pumps.

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Neptune Series JG Mixers for Pumps

Neptune Chemical Pump Company is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of mixers for pumps of all kinds. They produce some of the most powerful mixers on the market to meet the demands of the most difficult mixing challenges. A subsidiary of the Dover Corporation, Neptune offers high performance, durable and supreme pump mixer technologies for numerous applications.
Designed, engineered, and built to provide long life and trouble-free service in a wide variety of blending and mixing operations, Neptune mixers for pumps are popularly used for a variety of appliactions, including:
  • Blending liquids
  • Dissolve or suspend liquids
  • Disperse immiscible liquids
  • Disperse trapped gases in liquids

Series JG Gear Drive Pump Mixer Features

  • No clutches to slip, wear, or replace
  • 316 stainless steel propellers and shafts
  • Cast aluminum housings
  • Square pitch 1.0 ratio marine propellers provide flow coefficients and power consumption levels equal to those of the best hydrofoil impeller designs
  • Vibration-absorbing pad
  • Gears run in grease lubrication and cannot leak oil
  • Permanently lubricated shaft bearings
  • Mounting clamp features easily adjustable angle of entry to help achieve various process results
  • Can be clamp- or base-mounted for easy installation
Have questions about our Neptune Series Pumps? Contact us or call Pumping Solutions today at 800-603-0399!

Proper Mounting & Positioning for Industrial Mixers

In most applications where small mixing tanks (1000 gallons or less) are involved, the mixer will be clamped to the side of the tank. To achieve optimum mixing, the mixer should be angled from the tank wall, either off-center or on-center. The mixing efficiency of a portable gear drive mixer will be greatly decreased by improper mounting; this can also cause vibration that could potentially damage the mixer.
Off-center angling is preferred when high material turnover is required, such as when mixing a slurry. On-center angling is better for more gentle mixing and/or when vortexing must be minimized.
For larger tanks (greater than 1000 gallons), the mixer may need to be mounted directly in the center of the tank, with the shaft vertical. When using a mixer in this configuration, baffles should be used to prevent the content of the tank from turning in the direction of the mix. Without baffles, poor mixing action is likely.
Baffling will prevent vortexing and will enable the most thorough mixing. When using a Series JG pump mixer, Neptune suggests using four baffles located 90° apart and extending roughly 1/12 of the tank’s diameter. Baffles should not extend to the bottom of the tank, and a gap between baffle and the tank wall should be provided.

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