• Flange Kits 101

Let’s explore the critical role of flange kits in pump connections.
At Pumping Solutions, we like to ensure you have everything you need when purchasing a new pump. Our tough and reliable Flange Kits are worth considering if you are mounting a flanged circulating pump inline between two sections of pipe.

Why Flange Kits?

Flange kits or “Startup Kits” are the MVPs when it comes to connecting your pump to pipes. Whether it's a new pump or a seasoned one, a proper flange kit ensures a solid and reliable connection between the pump and the pipe.

Size Adaptability in a Nutshell

Flange Kits adapt to different pipe sizes, ensuring your pump can seamlessly integrate into the system. Flanges act as adapters, making sure your pump's intake and discharge connections match up perfectly. No fuss, just a straightforward solution to compatibility concerns.

We've got Flange Kits in various sizes and material/elastomer configurations.
Pumping Solutions can meet the requirements of your connection type.

Browse our select Startup Kits here.

What's Inside the Box?

Pumping Solutions Startup Kits include: Two identical flanges, two identical gaskets, eight bolts, eight nuts, and 16 washers – everything you need for a secure and reliable pump connection.

In a Nutshell: Elevating Pump Connections

Flange kits from Pumping Solutions aren't just connections; they're the backbone of efficiency and longevity for your pump.
When precision matters, choose Pumping Solutions Inc. – where straightforward solutions meet excellent quality in pump technology.
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