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P31 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

P31 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps do it all

The MTH P31 Series regenerative turbine pumps handle variable capacities up to 5 gallons per minute and 250 feet of head at temperatures up to 250°F. These units also feature an adjustable casing to provide variable performance output or readjustment of worn internal clearances to extend service life. Its compact size and top suction and discharge allow for installation in tight enclosures. The P31’s open vented motor utilizes solid state starting and carries UL and CE approvals. These units are offered with stainless steel casings only. Standard construction includes a nickel-silver impeller, a carbon/ceramic seal, and Viton elastomers.


The P31 Series pump offers an optional integral relief valve. Alternative motor options including three phase and sealless canned are also available.  W88 impellers, as well as, alternative seal materials, and elastomers are available on request. 
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