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Seal-Less Magnetic Pumps & Magnetic Drive Pumps

Seal-less pumps, also called magnetic pumps or mag drive pumps, function similarly to centrifugal pumps but lack the traditional seal found in standard pumps. This seal-less design eliminates the risk of leaking during operation, instead using magnetic couplings to guarantee the total containment of pumped fluids.  The magnets dictate the amount of torque the pump produces and the transfer of force. Seal-less pumps are often used for pumping more hazardous or corrosive liquids, as the risk of a seal leaking is eliminated.

Pumping Solutions offers a diverse selection of magnetic drive pumps for pumping applications in many industries. Contact us today, and our team will happily assist you in determining the best pump for your needs.

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Seal-Less Pump Features

The seal-less design of mag drive pumps is the most prominent difference between these styles of pumps and standard centrifugal pumps. The pump chamber is enclosed in secure casings, while integrated magnets operate the impeller and motor shaft. These protected magnets are optimized for specific parameters and provide elite suction for fluid transfers. The torque created by the magnets creates operating power for the pump.
With an eliminated risk of leaking, magnetic drive pumps are ideal for pumping and transferring a range of hazardous materials, including high-temperature liquids, toxic fluids, corrosive chemicals, and additional aggressive liquids. They are capable of performing dry in the event of intermittent dry running. Feel confident in your industrial pumping projects with seal-less pumps from Pumping Solutions.

Common Mag Drive Pump Applications

Seal-less pumps are found in a variety of industries for many uses, including:
  • Chemical Processing
  • Flooded Environments
  • Food Processing
  • Surface Treatment
  • Water Treatment

Advantages of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Mag drive pumps are highly efficient fluid transfer machines and offer many benefits.
  • Minimal Maintenance — The simplified design and lack of a supporting seal require less maintenance than standard centrifugal pumps, reducing time spent on upkeep and supporting other operational efforts.
  • Efficient Performance — Improved performance standards and decreased maintenance results in optimized functionality and consistent processing efforts.
  • Secure Fluid Transfer — The seal-less design eliminates the risk of fluid leaks or malfunctions, ensuring total security throughout liquid pumping and transferring.
  • Cost-Effective — Reduced monitoring and extended functional lifespans offer a worthwhile return on investment (ROI), resulting in substantial savings in the long run.

Iwaki Seal-Less Centrifugal Pumps

Pumping Solutions proudly supplies Iwaki seal-less centrifugal pumps in various styles and sizes. As a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps, Iwaki provides high-quality pumping equipment for use across all industries. They perform advanced research and utilize state-of-the-art technology to develop superior fluid control products. These pumps are designed in compact forms to offer high-pressure pumping and occupy less space.
Iwaki magnetic drive pumps are available from Pumping Solutions in two product lines, MD and WMD, each with additional specialized pumping units. These units feature minimal integrated parts, simplifying maintenance and ensuring straightforward operation. MD and WMD pumps are compatible with various hose and threaded connections, providing many model options.

Pumping Solutions is Your #1 Supplier of High-Quality Seal-Less Pumps

Pumping Solutions strives to provide you with the best pumping equipment available. We work with trusted manufacturers to supply premium pumps and accessories for a wide variety of industries. Our experts look forward to helping you select the best pump for your unique application.
Contact us with any questions or request a quote to place your magnetic drive pump order today!

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