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As we continue to monitor the ongoing developments related to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), we are primarily focused on two things: the safety of our employees and customers, and the continuity of our business operations.

In the Safer at Home Order from The State of California Health Officer there are provisions for essential businesses to remain open. Given our customer base in Water/Wastewater, Oil/Gas, Aerospace, Chemical, Food/beverage and Agriculture we believe that Pumping Solutions, Inc. meets the criteria for essential business and should continue to operate. Please reach out to our Sales Representatives and Inside Sales team as they are working to meet your needs. We will continue to follow the guidance from public health offices and government agencies in our efforts to support our customers and communities as needed.

Seal-less Magnetic Pumps

Pumping Solutions seal-less mag drive centrifugal pumps offer a wide range of operational benefits and advanced features that provide a better overall user experience than their traditional sealed counterparts. Pumping Solutions offers pumps that have run-dry capabilities. With these mag drive centrifugal pumps, you have more options for your chemical needs.
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Seal-Less Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump Benefits

  • Efficiency - Through improved performance and reduced maintenance calls, seal-less magnetic drive pumps can dramatically lower downtime and lost production. This results in maximized product efficacy.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Seal-less Magnetic drive pumps require less monitoring and maintenance than traditional sealed designed pumps, which equates to substantial savings over the life of the pump.
  • Security - Magnetic drive seal-less pumps are the safest and most robust means for liquid transfer. By eliminating the seal, the primary opportunities for leaks associated with traditional sealed pumps are completely removed.
  • Reliability – Seal-less Magnetic drive pumps have proven their reliability in the most extreme climate conditions, this includes the deserts of the Middle East to the tundras of Siberia.
  • Safety – Seal-less Magnetic drive pumps have no mechanical seals to leak hazardous chemicals, so these pumps offer a clear choice for process industry professionals who regularly deal with volatile or high-value materials.

Seal-Less Magnetic Pump Design Features

  • Interchangeable Components - Interchangeable components allow for a reduced parts inventory and can help reduce the amount of time and capital invested in maintenance training.
  • Seal-Less Design - No seals means minimized maintenance requirements, leading to reduced downtime, costs and inefficiencies. Plus, the seal-less design allows for total containment, which is essential for handling hazardous, aggressive or valuable product.
  • High-Efficiency Wet End – Seal-less pumps deliver maximum flow and head coverage.
  • Magnetic Couplings - Couplings are designed for full starting conditions and feature protected magnets that are optimized for specific duty parameters.

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We’re a leading supplier of seal-less magnetic pumps on the west coast. With locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Northern Mexico, we can get you the seal-less magnetic pump you need – fast. Contact us for more seal-less magnetic pump options.
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