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Drum Pumps

Pumping Solutions Inc. offers plastic and stainless steel drum pumps and sanitary pumps for unloading drums, barrels, and containers. We stock electric and air-powered (pneumatic) drum pump models to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Our inventory includes drum pumps from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Flux, Graco, Gorman Rupp, and Sethco. We offer high performance motor assemblies for electric and pneumatic models, and drum pump tubes in various materials. Find the drum pump you need below, or request a quote. Contact Pumping Solutions to learn more. 


Flux Drum Pumps

Flux brand drum pumps are suitable for transferring thin, neutral, corrosive, or highly flammable liquids out of barrels and similar containers. Flux drum pumps are manufactured from high quality materials and deliver superior performance in any industry or application.
Flux drum pumps are famous for their quick assembly capabilities, which make it fast and easy to strip down a pump after use. Flux’s electric and pneumatic drum pump motors are powerful and reliable, even in hazardous locations or when pumping highly flammable liquids. Mixed centrifugal and axial impellers are available, depending on head and flow requirements.
See individual product listings for full Flux drum pump specifications.

Graco Drum Pumps

Graco’s Fast Flo 1:1 pneumatic drum pumps are designed to provide a smooth, reliable flow at air input pressures up to 180 psi. These drum pumps are ideal for lower viscosity fluids, such as motor oil, hydraulic fluid, inks and colorants, and antifreeze. Plate (flat) check options are available.
Air powered motors offer high reliability at low cost, and are capable of delivering pumping rates up to 5 gallons per minute (19 liters per minute). Available in durable carbon steel construction. Assembly and installation are quick and easy.
See individual product listings for full Graco drum pump specifications.

Gorman Rupp Drum Pumps

Since 1933, Gorman Rupp has been designing and manufacturing high performance, high quality pumps and pumping systems for use in all industries. Their drum pumps are designed to provide unparalleled performance in a wide range of applications.
Gorman Rupp drum pumps are manufactured from superior quality materials, including stainless steel and cast iron, as well as nylon, high strength polyethylene, Buna-N, and other engineered plastics. While the acceptable media varies by model, there is a Gorman Rupp drum pump that is right for almost every type of liquid or chemical. These drum pumps can move up to 25 ounces of fluid per stroke.
See individual product listings for full Gorman Rupp drum pump specifications.

Sethco Drum Pumps

Sethco’s drum pumps are designed transfer chemicals, solvents, and other potentially hazardous fluids quickly and safely. Thanks to high powered, double insulated, 1150 watt motors, a Sethco P90 Series drum pump can empty a 55 gallon drum in two minutes or less; a 500 gallon tank can be drained in less than 13 minutes.
One piece tubes ensure safe, leakproof operation in any environment; polypropylene, Kynar, and stainless steel models are available. Sealless construction eliminates the number one cause of drum pump failure for more reliable performance. These drum pumps can run dry without damage, and are continuous-duty rated, even when pumping high specific gravity solutions.
See individual product listings for full Sethco drum pump specifications.