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Piston, Rotary & Electric Motor Drum Pumps

Drum pumps are designed for transferring liquid from an enclosed drum container to an external location. Pumping Solutions Inc. offers plastic and stainless steel drum pumps and sanitary pumps for unloading drums, barrels, and containers. We stock electric and air-powered (pneumatic) drum pump models to meet the needs of a variety of applications. We are a proud distributor of industry-leading drum pumps from Flax, Graco, Gorman Rupp and Sethco.
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Piston Drum Pumps

Piston hand pumps utilize a hand-oscillating mechanism and piston suction design to transfer and dispense liquids ranging from organic acids, alcohols, and water-soluble inorganic chemicals. Piston drum pumps can be manually or pneumatically operated and are available in a variety of materials for dispensing most liquids and chemicals. 

Features of Piston Drum Pumps

Our line of durable piston pumps provide reliable power and high-pressure fluid transfer for demanding pumping applications. Piston-powered drum pumps offer a unique design that can be manually or pneumatically operated with little to no experience required. Additional features of piston drum pumps include:

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Stainless steel components
  • Self-priming capabilities
  • High maximum operating temperature
  • Transfers 22 to 25 oz. per stroke
  • Easy-to-replace Teflon® piston ring

Piston Drum Pump Applications

Piston drum and hand diaphragm pumps offer lightweight solutions for a variety of fluid transferring applications in marine, home, sanitation and industrial uses. Specific applications for our Gorman Rupp piston drum pump include organic acids, alkalis, and water-soluble inorganic chemicals models. Gorman Rupp drum pump models are available for handling different psi requirements such as pumping oils, detergents and lubricants depending on your fluid’s compatibility with pump component materials. While the acceptable media varies by model, there is a Gorman Rupp drum pump that is right for almost every type of liquid or chemical.

Rotary Drum Pumps

Rotary drum pumps are manually operated drum pumps that utilize a hand turning design for quick and effective liquid transfer. Rotary drum pumps are available in various materials, including Ryton, polypropylene and aluminum to meet a variety of application requirements. All rotary pump models carried by Pumping Solutions include a suction and discharge tube.

Benefits of Rotary Drum Pumps

Rotary pumps enable an easy-to-operate solution to pumping liquids of different temperatures and consistencies. The portable design allows for quick installation so you can efficiently move between pumping locations. Additional benefits of rotary drum pumps include:

  • Self-priming capabilities
  • Lightweight designs
  • High-flow capabilities
  • Multiple material options
  • High maximum temperatures

Rotary Drum Pump Applications

The multiple construction materials available for rotary drum pumps make them optimal for dispensing most types of liquids and chemicals. Rotary drum pumps are not capable of handling loose solids, so the material being pumped should be free of debris. Ideal applications vary by pump composition but include alcohols, inorganic chemicals, organic acids, lubricating oil and additional fluids.

Motor-Driven Drum Pumps

Motor-driven drum pumps rely on high-powered motors to automatically transfer most corrosive liquids. Motor-driven pumps offer high reliability at low cost and deliver pumping rates up to 5 gallons per minute (19 liters per minute). Electric and pneumatic drum pump motors are powerful and reliable, even in hazardous locations or when pumping highly flammable liquids. Mixed centrifugal and axial impellers are available, depending on head and flow requirements.

Benefits of Electric Motor Drum Pumps

Sealless motor-driven drum pumps are a safe solution to transferring liquids. Our Sethco model motor drum pumps feature high-power motors for large-volume jobs and can run dry once containers are empty without taking in additional damage. Additional benefits include:

  • High-powered operation
  • Sealless construction
  • Self-priming capabilities
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large handle grip
  • Impact-resistant housing

Electric Motor Drum Pump Applications

Pumping solutions offers Sethco motor drum pumps from polypropylene, Kynar and stainless steel to cover an array of applications. The safety reset switch ensures that the pump motor will not restart until the on/off switch resets the circuit breaker. Air motors are available for the safe transfer of hazardous, flammable or combustible liquids. Popular applications include industrial chemicals, pulp and paper manufacturing, waste and water treatment, industrial cleaners and more.

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While we supply pumps from industry-leading manufacturers to ensure top-performing pumps, each specific pump model has its own benefits, features and applications. Contact a Pumping Solutions representative and let us help find the right pump to meet your needs.

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