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Sanitary Pumps For Wine Making

Sanitary industrial pumps allow winemakers the ability to transfer grapes and liquids safely and efficiently between different tanks and machinery during the fermentation and winemaking process. Pumping Solutions offers the full range of NEMA and FDA-approved Wilden Saniflo hygienic/sanitary pumps and the Ampco Wine Cart featuring the ZP1 Series Positive Displacement Pump for the transference of wine and juice, barrel work, bottling and filter feeds.

If you’re not certain which pump is required for your application, contact us online and let our knowledgeable customer service team can help you find the best hygienic pump, industrial pump, sanitary pump or pump replacement part to meet your unique needs. 

ZP1 Stainless Steel Wine Pump & Cart Combination

Positive Displacement Pump | Featuring ZP1 Series Pump

ZP130/2HP/1750RPM/230-460V/60HZ/NEMA 4X VFD
Ampco's Wine cart is built featuring the ZP1 Series positive displacement pump. Typical applications for the wine and must cart are wine and juice transfers, but can also be used for Barrel Work, Bottling, Filter Feeds & More
The cart also comes in different models including WC-30 | WV-40 | WC-60 | WC-130.

Standard ZP1 Wine Pump Features

  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts with Alloy 88 non-galling rotors
  • 304 stainless steel gearcase
  • Single O-ring seals
  • Tri-clamp connections
  • Multiple connection options
  • NEMA 4X VFD Control Features

Wilden Stainless Steel/Sani-Flex, FDA-Approved Pumps

Designed to prevent microbial contamination, Saniflo pumps are the cleanest fluid transfer solutions on the market. Wilden’s proven sanitary pumps perfectly suited for applications where the highest degree of hygienic product transfer is required.
These FDA-approved, pneumatically powered diaphragm pumps ensure superior performance and containment, and the prevention of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and food products. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum, with FDA-compliant, food grade Saniflex™ elastomers. Available in five sizes between 1/2" and 3”, the Saniflo family is Wilden’s premier line of sanitary/hygienic pumps.

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Pumping solutions has a wide variety of additional Ampco pumps, Wilden pumps and pump part to meet your specific needs including air valves, diaphragms, gaskets, O-Rings, shafts, ball valves, repair kits and more! 
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