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Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are available from LMI and Neptune. 
Neptune Chemical Pump Company is the industry’s premier manufacturer of chemical metering pumps and related equipment. Their hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are popular for a wide range of applications, such as water and wastewater treatment and injecting chemicals into boilers and cooling towers. A subsidiary of the Dover Corporation, Neptune provides world-class metering pump solutions for a broad array of industries—anywhere accuracy, precision, and quality are required.

Neptune 500-A Metering Pumps

Pumping Solutions offers numerous Neptune metering pump models to meet our customers’ pumping needs. These electric-drive, 1/3 horsepower pumps are made with durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel casings and Teflon elastomer diaphragms. With capacities ranging from 0.8 gpm to 7 gpm, we’re sure to have the perfect metering pump for your application.

If you’re not sure which metering pump is right for your fluid control system, our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team can help you select the best model for your needs. Order online today, or contact Pumping Solutions for more information on Neptune metering pumps.


Features of Neptune Series 500-A Metering Pumps

  • Simplex pump
  • Specially engineered for fluids with viscosities up to 1,500 cPs
  • Double ball-check design
  • Variable Oil By-Pass™ stroke adjustment (see below)
  • Eze-Clean™ valves feature removable cartridges for easy cleaning without disturbing the pump’s piping
  • Ten-turn micrometer dial calibrated to 1% increments
  • Color-contrasted dial is protected by corrosion-resistant clear PVC covering
  • To reduce wear, stroke mechanism moves only when adjusted
  • To reduce stress, wear, and shock, pistons are powered through complete stroke length at all capacities
  • To extend working life, diaphragm is hydraulically balanced
  • Built-in internal relief valve

Neptune’s Variable Oil By-Pass™

The unique Variable Oil By-Pass stroke adjustment feature on Neptune metering pumps allows for better valve performance than variable linkage designs. Even in heavy liquids, valve checks have extra time to seat because they are idle during the by-pass portion of suction and discharge strokes.

How Metering Pumps Work

The metering pump’s hollow piston reciprocates within the cylinder. A metering rod with a reduced-diameter “nose” fits into the piston. A liquid seal forms where the full diameter of the piston contacts the cylinder.

As the piston moves forward, oil bypasses the metering rod’s reduced nose and move through the port to the center of the piston and back to the gearbox. As the piston continues forward, the port is blocked by the tip of the metering rod, which stops the oil bypass. The oil is now pushed through the port to the diaphragm.

Adjusting the micrometer dial moves the metering rod, changing the metering pump’s capacity. When moved in, the tip of the metering rod closes the port sooner in the stroke, reducing oil bypass and creating more pumping action. Conversely, when the metering rod is moved out, its tip closes the port later in the stroke, permitting more bypass and reducing pumping action.

Piston motion moves hydraulic fluid through the port, into and out of the diaphragm chamber. The action of the hydraulic fluid pushes and pulls the diaphragm, which pushes and pulls pumped fluids through the port. Check valves control the direction of liquid flow.

Contact Pumping Solutions Today

We’re a leading supplier of metering pumps on the west coast. With locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Northern Mexico, we can get you the metering pump you need – fast. Contact us for more metering pump options.

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