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As we continue to monitor the ongoing developments related to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), we are primarily focused on two things: the safety of our employees and customers, and the continuity of our business operations.

In the Safer at Home Order from The State of California Health Officer there are provisions for essential businesses to remain open. Given our customer base in Water/Wastewater, Oil/Gas, Aerospace, Chemical, Food/beverage and Agriculture we believe that Pumping Solutions, Inc. meets the criteria for essential business and should continue to operate. Please reach out to our Sales Representatives and Inside Sales team as they are working to meet your needs. We will continue to follow the guidance from public health offices and government agencies in our efforts to support our customers and communities as needed.

100 and 200 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

100 and 200 Series Turbine Pumps Now at Pumping Solutions

MTH Turboflex radially split foot mounted 100 and 200 Series regenerative turbine pumps high-pressure pressure characteristics of a multi-stage pump (heads up to 1150 feet) at flow ranges beyond those available in any of our other regenerative turbine products (up to 150 GPM). These heavy-duty industrialized units also utilize the latest concepts in regenerative turbine hydraulic design, and benefit from tightly computer controlled manufacturing techniques. TURBOFLEX pumps feature 1750 RPM motors to deliver long life, high efficiency performance with low NPSH requirements.  For applications with NPSH availability as low as one foot, the 200 Series adds a centrifugal style inducer in front of the turbine stages. Like our other turbine products, the multi-vane turbine impellers handle entrained vapors to help reduce the possibility of vapor lock in boiler feed water, ammonia, and other refrigerant services. 


Standard construction is cast iron bronze fitted. Suction and discharge covers, seal cups, bearing arms and casing channel rings are cast iron material. Pump shaft is high strength 416 stainless steel.  Impeller is cast bronze, hydraulically balanced and self-adjusting for longer life. Sealed ball bearings are permanently lubricated for maintenance free operation. “O” ring gaskets are used to assure sealing and for ease of maintenance. Standard mechanical seals are rated for 230° F operation. All units are flexible-coupled for easy service and motor flexibility. Pumps are 100% tested to guarantee performance prior to shipment.


Turboflex pumps are also available in all iron, all bronze, and 316 stainless steel construction.  Silicon & tungsten carbide seal seats, EPR/Neoprene/Teflon/Viton “O” ring gasket materials, external seal flush, and balanced or double mechanical seals are also available.  For low NPSH/low vapor pressure fluid service, the 200 Series adds an inducer stage.  Reduced NPSHR is obtained by using a centrifugal inlet impeller along with a multi-vane diffuser to provide the second stage regenerative turbine with adequate suction head. NPSHR is reduced to as low as one foot on 240 • 280 Series pumps and as low as two feet on 250 • 260 • 270 Series pumps. Sealless canned models will be available in the future.

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