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Xylem Goulds® Pumps

 Xylem-Goulds Water Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of liquid centrifugal and submersible sump pumps. They design, engineer, and manufacture equipment for transporting, treating, and testing water in countless applications, from industrial and agricultural to commercial and residential. Gould pumps, along with Gould’s pump parts can be found in over 150 countries throughout the world. Pumping Solutions stocks Xylem-Goulds centrifugal and submersible hydro pumps in various pump sizes, capacities, and configurations to meet the needs of your unique application. . Our expert customer service team can help you select the right Goulds submersible pump for your needs. Order online today, Request a Quote or contact Pumping Solutions for more information.


Xylem Goulds® Submersible & Centrifugal Pumps

Xylem-Goulds Water Technology combines top quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative technology to produce pump systems that deliver unrivaled performance and durability. Gould’s pump parts are manufactured with cast iron or stainless steel housings and Buna-N or Viton elastomer seals, these submersible and centrifugal pumps are built to last. The design of Gould’s robust electric pumps feature high efficiency impellers and motors, and are intended for continuous operation, even in the most demanding applications.

Gould’s Submersible Pump Features

Xylem-Goulds centrifugal pumps and pump systems have a wide range of features so you can get the job done right the first time. The features of Gould’s advanced quality water pumps, include:
  • Sturdy, corrosion resistant construction using 316L stainless steel and cast iron
  • High efficiency impellers with unique floating seal ring designs
  • NPT threaded, centerline connections for easy installation
  • Rugged ball bearings in motors for continuous duty under all operating conditions
  • Special mechanical and elastomer seals to protect motors
  • Simple to service and repair

History of Xylem & Goulds Submersible Pumps

Named for the classical Greek word for the supporting tissues that help transport water and nutrients from a plant’s roots to its leaves, Xylem has been producing high quality, high performance pump systems for decades. A subsidiary of ITT Corporation, Xylem was spun off into its own company in late 2011, opening a new chapter for an industry-leading innovator of water pump technology.
Now a standalone company, Xylem has advanced ITT’s work in Water & Wastewater, Residential & Commercial Water, and Water Analytics and Flow Control to produce pumps and equipment that address the full water cycle—from collection to distribution to use to its return to the environment.
Though they’re a “new” company in some ways, Xylem is built on nearly a century of innovation and industry leadership. Through it all, Xylem’s submersible and centrifugal pumps have been and continue to be the essential building blocks of the company’s success.

Goulds Pump Parts & Water Technology

Goulds Water Technology began its corporate life as Downs & Company, a water pump manufacturer founded in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1840. In 1849, Downs & Company designed and built the world’s first all-metal pump, the first of many innovations the company would come to be known for. In 1869, the business was renamed Goulds Manufacturing Company; it became Goulds Pumps Inc. in 1926. By the 1960s, Goulds had grown into a nationwide company, and by the ‘90s, they had expanded worldwide.
In 1997, Goulds Water Technology was purchased by ITT Corporation, and continued operations as a separate brand. When Xylem branched off from ITT, Goulds became part of Xylem, and Xylem-Goulds Water Technology pumps were born.

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