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Xylem Goulds® Submersible & Centrifugal Pumps

Xylem-Goulds Water Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of liquid centrifugal and submersible sump pumps. They design, engineer, and manufacture equipment for transporting, treating, and testing water in countless applications, from industrial and agricultural to commercial and residential. Pumping Solutions stocks Xylem-Goulds centrifugal and submersible hydro pumps in various pump sizes, capacities, and configurations to meet the needs of your unique application. Our expert customer service team can help you select the right Goulds submersible pump for your needs.
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Xylem Goulds® Pumps & Pump Parts

Xylem’s submersible and centrifugal pumps have been and continue to be the essential building blocks of the company’s success. Gould pumps, along with Gould’s pump parts, can be found in over 150 countries throughout the world. Request a Quote or contact Pumping Solutions for specific questions on our pump selection or read on for additional information on our submersible & centrifugal pump benefits, features and capabilities.

Xylem Goulds® Submersible Pump Benefits

Xylem Goulds® submersible pumps are compact, high-efficiency pumps ideal for draining standing water from any area. Our selection of submersible sump pumps combine superior craftsmanship, innovative technology and top-quality materials to ensure continuous operation in the most demanding environments.

Submersible Pump Applications

Submersible pumps are ideal for pumping large volumes of water and liquid from flooded or hard-to-reach areas such as basements, window wells, and additional deep well applications. Industrial applications for submersible sump pumps are more specific based on the aligning industry, but submersible sump pumps are generally used in

  • OEM applications
  • Tank draining
  • Industrial washing/cleaning systems and more.

Xylem Goulds® Centrifugal Pump Benefits

Centrifugal pumps operate at high flow rates and can handle large quantities of low viscosity fluids. Our selection of Xylem Goulds® centrifugal pumps utilize close-coupled, space-saving design for easy installation and are fabricated from 304 stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance.

Centrifugal Pump Applications

We have a centrifugal pump for every need, including self-priming electric water pumps to highly corrosion-resistant sanitary pumps in sizes 1-1/4” x 1” to 2” x 1-1/2”. Specific pump model applications vary depending on your specific model with popular uses including:
  • Water circulation
  • Liquid transfer
  • Spraying systems
  • Jockey pump and booster services
  • General-purpose pumping

Gould’s Submersible Pump Features

Xylem-Goulds centrifugal pumps and pump systems have a wide range of features so you can get the job done right the first time. These pumps are ultra-durable, corrosion-resistant and feature a special mechanical and elastomer seals to protect motors. Our submersible pumps include a NPT threaded centerline connections for easy installation. Additional features of Gould’s advanced quality water pumps include:
  • Stainless steel and cast iron construction
  • High-efficiency impellers
  • Rugged ball bearings in motors for continuous operation
  • Simple to service and repair

Gould’s Centrifugal Pumps Pump Features

Xylem Goulds’ centrifugal pumps utilize a close-coupled, space-saving design for easy installation. They’re fabricated from high-quality 304 stainless steel, with carbon/ceramic faces on mechanical seals, 316 stainless steel interior components, and Viton elastomer seals. Additional features include:
  • End suction top discharge
  • Case drain provided as standard
  • Positively locked impeller
  • Easy to maintain

Why Choose Xylem Goulds® For Submersible & Centrifugal Pumps

Xylem-Goulds Water Technology combines top-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative technology to produce pump systems that deliver unrivaled performance and durability. Gould’s pump parts are manufactured with cast iron or stainless steel housings and Buna-N or Viton elastomer seals. These submersible and centrifugal pumps are built to last. The design of Gould’s robust electric pumps feature high-efficiency impellers and motors, and are intended for continuous operation, even in the most demanding applications.

Xylem Goulds® Pumps Industries Served

Xylem-Goulds centrifugal pumps and pump systems have a wide range of features for commercial and industrial applications. While we are confident that we have a submersible and centrifugal pump for any application, popular industries include but are not limited to:
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical plants
  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical and more

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