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When it comes to air-operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD), Wilden pumps are among the best. With sturdy designs, high-performance levels, and extended operating lives, these industrial pumps offer reliable pumping solutions for numerous applications. However, achieving these results requires routine checks and regular maintenance. In addition to replacing worn parts, inspection and preventative measures can protect your pump and ensure steady industrial operations. A well-maintained pump will perform smoothly and produce reliable long-term results.

Here, we’ll discuss beneficial maintenance techniques to troubleshoot your Wilden pump, as well as preventive care methods and actions you can take to keep your pump running smoothly for years.

Wilden Pump Troubleshooting & Maintenance

With straightforward AODD pump designs, Wilden makes industrial pump maintenance easy. If your pump is experiencing difficulties with functionality or pumping processes, Pumping Solutions recommends these actionable steps to repair your pump and resume operations.

Review Your Manual

All Wilden industrial pumps are equipped with an informational manual containing model-specific details for maintenance. Following the recommended care steps outlined in your manual will help ensure you perform the correct maintenance processes for your specific unit. This will also help ensure operator safety before, during, and after maintenance. Your Wilden pump manual has the essential information you need for correct pump maintenance.

Replace Worn Parts

Over time or with extended use, pump parts can become worn down or weakened. Replacing these parts can help restore your pump and boost functionality. Only use genuine Wilden replacement parts for your Wilden pump to guarantee compatibility and long-term efficiency. Parts that may require replacement during routine pump maintenance include:
  • Diaphragms
  • Valve Balls
  • Valve Seats
  • Valve Seat O-Rings
  • Air System Gaskets & Seals
  • Air Valves
  • Wetter Parts & Outer Pistons
  • Air Chamber/Center Block
Keeping a supply of repair kits and parts will minimize downtime and expedite maintenance time, helping you quickly resume operations. Contact Pumping Solutions today for assistance in determining the correct replacement parts for your Wilden pump.

Examine Pump Components

Inspecting the individual components of your Wilden pump can help you determine any functional issues and resolve them swiftly. Upon noticing an issue, quickly remove the pump from operation to decrease the risk of escalating the problem. Determine your pump’s status by evaluating these components:
  • Air Valves & System: Air valves are critical to diaphragm pump operation. Regular maintenance should include removing air valves to clean and inspect them. Check for signs of damage or wear and lubricate them as needed.
  • Hoses & Connections: Worn seals and fatigued hoses can cause leaks that impact pump performance. Always replace worn parts and use lubricant as needed to ensure tight seals.
  • Lubrication: Some Wilden pumps require an installed lubricator for proper functionality. Consult your pump’s manual to determine the lubrication requirements for your specific model.
  • Mechanical Parts: Inspect clamps, fittings, and additional components on a routine schedule to help identify wear and damage early on.

Diaphragm Pump Maintenance & Preventative Care

While Wilden industrial pumps are built to last, they require proper care and maintenance practices. Preventative measures and routine AODD pump maintenance can protect your pump for maximum results and long-term reliability. Follow these steps to nip problems in the bud before they can impact your pumping operations.

Avoid Overworking

Wilden pumps are designed to excel at pumping operations. However, pushing your pump beyond its mechanical limits can harm it or cause future problems. Keep air pressure as low as possible to attain the output you need without overworking your pump. Running your pump at maximum volume is acceptable on occasion, but take care not to place your pump under constant, continual stress to protect your unit from strain and stress.

Reduce Contaminants

All operating environments have risks of contaminants present. While these contaminants, such as debris or moisture, cannot be entirely prevented, especially in outdoor applications, protecting your pump can help prolong its lifespan. An accumulation of debris or moisture can lead to ruin, permanently damaging your pump. Always use clean and dry air to run your pump and keep all components, including hoses and fittings, away from dirt and grime. Filter regulators and suction strainers can also help regulate air pressure while blocking excess debris.

Determine Application Compatibility

Wilden pumps are built for versatility. However, not every pump is usable for all applications. Using a pump in an incompatible application will only result in costly repairs and permanent damage. Select compatible materials for your pump to increase its functional lifespan. Avoid premature overworking by choosing an appropriately sized Wilden pump model for your application and output requirements.

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