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Wilden 1/4" Pump Models

The Wilden ¼” air diaphragm pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses compresses air as a power source. The compressed air is shifted from one chamber to the other by a linked shaft that allows the chambers to move simultaneously. This back-and-forth motion forces liquid out of one chamber and into the discharge piping while the other chamber is filled with liquid at the same time. 

Our air diaphragm pumps use reciprocating elastomeric diaphragms and check valves to pump fluid. The liquid chambers are filled and emptied by fluid that is drawn through a common inlet and discharged through a single outlet. These pump models have ¼” diaphragms for increased fluid movement.
Wilden ¼” pumps have excellent suction lift characteristics and can handle sludges or slurries with a relatively high amount of grit and solid content. Our air diaphragm pumps can also handle highly viscous liquids.

Wilden ¼” Pump Applications

A Wilden pump can be used in numerous types of industrial facilities, some of which include:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Mining
  • Construction
  • Marinas
  • Campgrounds
  • Home Uses
  • And many more

Wilden Air Diaphragm Pump Fluid Transfer

Our Wilden ¼” pumps are designed to transfer almost any kind of liquid, some of the more common liquids our pumps transfer includes:
  • Oil sludge
  • Refinery waste
  • Food processing residual
  • Slurry
  • Clay pharmaceutical
  • Mud
  • Sugar
  • And many more
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